Research by Faculty Members

Prof. Clemen C. Aquino
Panlipunang Pagbabanghay: Piling Usapin sa Pag-unawa sa Sariling Lipunan (2013)
Panlipunan at Pinipilohiya, Panayam kay Prospero R. Covar (2013)

Prof. Filomin C. Gutierrez
Sociological Time Travel: Criminality and Criminologists in the Philippine Past (2013)
"The Influence of Cesare Lombroso on Philippine Criminology" (2013)

Prof. Laura L. Samson
Aging in Asia-Pacific: Balancing the State and the Family (2014)

Assoc. Prof. Manuel Victor J. Sapitula
Religious Pluralism and Sociological Engagement: Reflections of a Young Sociologist from the Philippines (2015)
Marian Piety and Modernity: The Perpetual Help Devotion as Popular Religion in the Philippines (2014)
"Overcoming Hierarchized Conviviality" in the Manila Metropolis: Religious Pluralism and Urbanization in the Philippines (2014)

Ms. Justine Kristel A. Villegas
"Graying Matters: Aging in Contemporary Philippine Society" (2014)


Research by Students

Anna Mellisa C. Lavares
Religiosity and Life Satisfaction of t he Filipino Elderly: A Sociological investigation
M.A Sociology (June 2011)

Janice S. Zamora-Morales
Aguman Sanduk: Meaning of Cross-Dressing Performances in a Kapampangan Festival
M.A Sociology (October 2011)

Jennifer Marie C. Sunga
Negotiating the Corporate Social Responsibility Discourse at the interface or Environmental NGO and Corporations
M.A Sociology (April 2010)

Lilly V. Mangubat
The Social Construction of Tiwala and the Dynamics of Social Netwirks in a Filipino Rural Poor Community
Ph.D Sociology (July 2008)

Marcia Czarina Corazon M. Medina
Organized Volunteerism as a Development Strategy: Sociological Reflections on Volunteerism and Change
M.A. Sociology (April 2012)

Maria Judy See-San Juan
Credit Card delinquency: A Sociological inquiry
M.A Sociology (November 2009)

Yohanes I. Wayan Marianta
The Paradoxes of Moral Shepherding: Sociological Analysis of the Pronouncements of the Catholic Bishops' Conferences of the Philippines (1972-2009)
M.A Sociology (August 2010)






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