The Department of Sociology was established as a distinct unit of the University of the Philippines System on November 9, 1962. Its history however dates back to the founding of the University itself in 1908 when the discipline of sociology was offered through the Department Anthropology and Sociology, which was later restricted into the Department of Sociology and Social Welfare in the 1950s.
The Department of Sociology reaffirms its commitment to produce a pool of well-trained sociologist and social scientist working academe, government and the NGO community with solid grounding in sociological theory and social research methodology and imbued with a comparative perspective. The Department is focusing its efforts on strengthening the teaching of sociological theory and social research methodologies at the undergraduate and graduate levels to infuse a research orientation and comparative perspective in substantive courses at both levels.
"The Department’s vision is to become one of the leading institution for Sociology and Social Research in the Asia Pacific Region."
  1. To produce a pool of well-trained social scientist with solid grounding in both sociological theory and social research methodologies;
  2. To conduct short-term training programs and courses designed to develop an appreciation of scientific rigor in the design and conduct of research, and articulate basic research;
  3. To foster creative linkages between teaching and research;
  4. To forge strong linkages with local, regional, international research institution/communities based on shared issues and concerns;
  5. To foster the development and construction of social theories generated from social research that is informed by the social, political, economic, and cultural events in the local, regional and global arena;
  6. To develop research methodologies and instruments appropriate to the realities and concerns of transitional societies;
  7. To embark on comparative, interdisciplinary, and area studies particularly in the Asia-Pacific Region;
  8. To conduct studies of Philippine Society that shed light on its multicultural aspects and provide policy recommendations that address contemporary social problems at macro levels and micro level; and
  9. To publish and disseminate books, journals, and monograph, and other relevant literature on sociology and vital social issues.