The Department of Sociology offers graduate programs leading to a Master of Arts (MA) and a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Sociology (PhD Sociology Program

The programs place special emphasis on training students in sociological theorizing and research methods, and prepare students for academic and applied research, teaching, and applied sociology, among others. 

 The Master of Arts (MA) in Sociology program is designed to be completed in two years for full time students and a maximum of five years for part time students. 

To graduate from the program, students are expected to complete 33 units of graduate work consisting of:

18 units of Sociology courses (6 units of research methods, 6 units of sociological theory, 6 units of sociology electives)

6 units of graduate level courses taken in one or two cognate fields3 units of Social Science 201 (Statistics for the Social Sciences) or its equivalent6 units of thesis


Due to our current public health situation, the Department of Sociology has adjusted the process and requirements to apply to its MA Sociology and PhD Sociology programs only for 2nd Semester 2021-22. Please read the complete guidelines, including adjusted deadline here: